What can Kirk do for you?

Kirk Trevor has spent the past ten years recording with many different orchestras for many different record labels, including Albany, Kleos, Koch, Naxos, EMI, MMC, and Navrona.  These companies approach Kirk time and time again because they know that he will remain faithful to the composer’s intentions, while simultaneously creating a dynamic studio performance that mimics the live concert experience for the listener.

Kirk has a strong relationship with many different orchestras across Europe, but he has spent most of his time working with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and the Slovak Radio Orchestra.  He has recorded hundreds of sessions in the Studio 1 of the Slovak Radio, famous for the Marco Polo recording of Havergal Brian’s Gothic Symphony – the world’s largest symphonic work to date!  Kirk has made more than seventy recordings in this studio, most of which can be found here.

The studio’s equipment can accommodate any recording need.  It is even equipped with worldwide satellite connections so that the recording director can listen to the sessions live from anywhere in the world and direct the conductor and performers as he or she sees fit.

Kirk has also recorded in London at Abbey Road, in Zlin at the Martinu Philharmonic, and at the Warsaw Philharmonic in the Chopin Hall.  Whether you are a soloist, a composer, or a movie production company, Kirk can help you find the recording hall, the performers, and the conductor that perfectly fit your needs.  Contact Kirk Trevor today with your recording project to see how he can help you.